A Better Way to Group Chat

Airtime is all about helping people connect when they can’t be IRL.

We believe there should be a better way to group chat that’s fun, interactive, and doesn’t require app-hopping from one place to another. That’s why we’re building a next-gen chat experience where people can come together through text, voice, or video messaging - all in one place! We’re excited to tell you about some new features we’ve been working on that’ll help take your group chat to the next level.

💌 Direct Messaging

Airtime DMs allow you to quickly spin up private conversations with your inner circle! Our reimagined DMs go far beyond typical direct messaging - chat, hangout, co-watch videos, and more. Vibe with up to 10 people during a video call. Easily share your camera roll to relive your favorite moments. And hit the drumroll reaction when sharing exciting news with your group. To start a DM, simply tap the People icon and select who you want to chat with.

⚙️ Customizable Room Settings

Every friend group needs a digital space that’s just as unique as they are. Your room’s settings, notifications, and permissions are 100% customizable to your unique group. Adjusting notification settings will help ensure you never miss a spontaneous group hang. Or, hit snooze on your room when it's blowing up at dinner - up to you! Changing your room’s privacy and visibility settings lets you decide who can see and enter your chat room. And, with room roles you can assign admin rights to those you trust most so you can keep the room active, safe, and fun for your entire group.

💬 Chat Organization

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost the thread and started to tune out? With chat replies and pinned messages, you can keep all your groups chats organized and going strong. You can now react to messages with any emoji by holding down the message and selecting your favorite emoji. For group-wide announcements, reminders, and highlights you can Pin a message to the top of your chat to make sure everyone sees it. And to keep from cluttering the whole chat, simply long-press on a message to “reply” to it; this will kick off a thread where you can keep the conversation focused and going strong!

📱 Media Sharing

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? With built-in screen sharing, GIF library, camera roll uploads, and more you can express yourself to your heart’s content. Plus, with our new Favoriting feature you can build up your own personal library of memes, links, and photos that your friends share in the group chat. Oh, and did we mention you can co-watch content? Get your friends together to watch videos and jam out together with low lag. It’s seriously like you’re in an actual room together!

We hope these features help you get the most out of your group chat experience. Airtime is always working on ways to level-up the way you connect with your favorite people, so stay tuned for new features!

Ready to get started? Create an Airtime room and invite your group!  

What’s Next?

We have TONS more upgrades on the horizon, but we’d love to hear about how your group uses Airtime and what you’d like to see us build next. If you have a specific idea or suggestions, hit us up at support@airtime.com. Got a cool room? Tag us on socials at @airtime & @airtimeapp and show us your group in action.