A New Age of Social Media

Gen Z is championing platforms that promote positivity, authenticity, and meaningful connection. For a good reason– as social media becomes more ubiquitous, our needs surrounding it evolve too. Spending hours doom scrolling, dodging spam, and shaking off hate-speech is a waste of our precious time. There is a huge movement toward social media becoming social again, and Airtime lets us do just that– socialize with our friends. 

Airtime is a new kind of social media platform that lets us experience content together, instead of being alone on our phones. It's not just about posting pictures or watching videos: Airtime is about connecting with people who love what you love. Here, you can interact with your friends in an intimate way that feels like hanging out together face-to-face. You can talk about things that matter to you without having to worry about trolls or spam popping up in the comments section.

Be together 

Create groups for any purpose, no matter how large or small. You can hang out with just your closest friends or join a community based around your favorite TV show or band! If you already have a private chat with your friends somewhere else, it’s super easy to move it to Airtime. And if there's not an existing public group for what you’re interested in—no problem! Just start one! The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Airtime. If you have an existing group chat on another platform, moving it to Airtime is simple. 

Keep it ad-free

Connect with your friends and things that matter to you instead of filling your time with scrolling through ads trying to predict your every need. The only information we need to get you started is your phone number. Airtime keeps your information safe from advertisers and third parties, so you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about privacy intrusions or shady marketing tactics. You can feel safe to talk about sweaters in your group chat without a sweater ad popping up on Instagram the next day. 

Stay safe

Sometimes a spirited debate can be fun, but no one likes when strangers troll you under your posts. Traditional social media is riddled with trolling, catfishing, and spam. Control who you add to your groups. Airtime also provides resources to help you stay safe in a public chat. You also don’t have to worry that your friends are who they say they are. Your contacts will be added directly when you join Airtime so you can be sure that you connect with the right people. 

Find a new digital home 

Finding a new digital home is a big task when OG platforms just aren’t what they used to be. They have brought us celebrity gossip, iconic brand campaigns, information during tragedy, and countless other content. But as social media becomes more ubiquitous, our needs surrounding it evolve too. We all could use a break from the negativity on our feeds, so why not try Airtime? Download it in the app store and bring your friends too! Everyone deserves to join in on the new online safe space.