How to Celebrate the Holiday Season Remotely

The holidays are a time to be with your people. In 2022, a lot of us can agree that ‘our people’ are not just in one place anymore. Whether it’s your college friend group that has dispersed to their hometowns over the break, or your grandparents who couldn’t make the drive down this year, many of us are looking to social media as a tool to connect this holiday season. Airtime is a place where you can spend time with your family and friends remotely. There are so many ways to share media together, so here are four ideas on how to use Airtime to be with your people this season.

Unbox gifts in real time

If you want to see the joy from someone’s eyes as they open your special present live, look no further than Airtime. You can have up to 10 people on video at once (and an unlimited number of people in a room) to make sure that everyone sees your face the moment you tear off the paper into the gift you’ve been waiting for. Gather with your friends to host an online Secret Santa or have a virtual white elephant exchange.

Look through photos together 

Any time families gather, someone inevitably breaks out a photo album . Airtime lets you easily share and look at hundreds of photos together. Flip through photos just like in an album while still getting to see each others’ faces on video chat. Leave fun comments in the chat, react with emojis to your cutest (or most embarrassing) pics, and also favorite images to easily find them later. It’s also a great way to store photos in your family group chat room, and have an easy way to compile everyone’s photos in one place.

Vibe to holiday music 

Airtime lets you watch videos together in real time, so you can sing, laugh, and comment in the chat while you watch your favorite clips. Whether you’re belting out “All I Want For Christmas” with your family or finding easter eggs in “Bejeweled” with your friends while you’re home for break, Airtime is a great place to share music videos from Youtube or TikTok together.

Host a group game night 

If your family is a little (or a lot) competitive, Airtime offers tons of games to play over video chat. This is an especially good way to connect and have fun when your mom forces you to talk with those cousins you don’t know too well. Bond over Team Boggle, Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and so many more.

Airtime is a place where you can spend time together, remotely– live video chat, photo and file sharing, games, and co-watching all serve one primary function– to bring people together, no matter where you are. Tag us in your holiday pics on Instagram (@airtimeapp) for a chance to get featured on our page!

Happy holidays from everyone at Airtime!