Put the ‘Group’ Back in ‘Study Group’

We’ve all been there: the deadline for your group project is quickly approaching and you’re trying to rally the group to get those finishing touches done. Only problem? You’ve been in class all day, half the group hasn’t responded, and everyone’s spread out across campus - no chance you’re meeting IRL. Don’t panic! Airtime’s got you.

Meet your Airtime room: a digital space where your group chat, meeting place, and discussion threads all co-exist. Study, hang out, and chat with your group, all without leaving your (fully customizable) room.

Keep reading for some of the best ways your study group can take advantage of Airtime. Or click here to download and start discovering for yourself.

Your Group Chat and Study Spot in One Place

Getting your classmates out of the group chat and into an actual study session shouldn’t be the tough part of group assignments. Instead of creating a brand new group message (fingers crossed there’s no green bubbles), finding a time to meet virtually, and filling in the no-shows; keep it all in your Airtime room. You can easily connect your contacts and get your classmates invited, so you can get straight to grinding.

Easy Content Sharing

With the new semester comes a whole new batch of syllabi, grading rubrics, and important docs - a lot to keep track of. Good news, though: Airtime’s got you covered. You can easily share links, photos, and files without leaving your room - plus, keep track of the important stuff by saving it to your room’s Favorites.

And our favorite way to share? Use screen share for maximum collaboration and participation from the entire group. So when it’s time to add those final touches to your assignment, you can easily share your screen so the whole group can work together in real time.

More Organized Than Your Notes App

When it comes to study groups, classes, and team projects, one size does not fit all. On Airtime, you can create a digital space that’s unique to your group’s goals.

Shoutout to the type-A club members who keep everything in order - we got you with room roles.  You can assign ‘admin’ roles to anyone in your room so they can keep the group on track. Admins have special access to your room’s settings, so they can keep things comfortable, safe, and personalized to your group. On Airtime, notifications are designed around people and presence, not likes or follows. You can send @mentions in your room to get a hold of that one person who never checks the chat. Or, use Signal to let the whole room know you’re around and ready to hit the books.

Let’s get you ready to face those midterms. Click here to download Airtime so you can start connecting with your study groups, clubs, and friends. Whether it’s game night or an all-nighter, show us how your group uses Airtime by tagging us on socials @airtime & @airtimeapp!

Want to bring Airtime to your campus? We’re looking to sponsor campus orgs who ❤️ Airtime - if that’s you, reach out to community@airtime.com for more info.