A New Way to Connect on Campus

With the new school year comes new friends, classes, and conversions - Airtime’s all-in-one group chat is here to help make the most of the start of the new school year, and beyond ✨.

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How You Can Use Airtime to Enhance your Campus Life

From getting to know new friends in your first week, to definitely *not* procrastinating on your group assignment, and even managing your club rush on campus - you can use Airtime to spark discussion, get work done, and have tons of fun across all your campus groups.

Study Groups Made Easy 📚

Spend less time scheduling meet-ups, and more time actually studying together to nail your test. Your Airtime room can make coordinating and collaborating easy (and actually pretty fun).

You can share your screen to work through projects in real time without leaving your group chat. To keep everyone in the know, use chat replies & pinned comments to organize discussion topics. Plus, never lose your syllabus, Google docs, or go-to study materials by saving content to your room's Favorites. Your study group will appreciate making studying less of another assignment throughout the semester.

Your Club, Your Way 😎

Create a customizable space that feels personal to your club and its values. Each club is unique, which is why we give you all the tools to customize room privacy, accessibility, and moderation. Designate your club’s leaders as ‘admins’ just like you’d do IRL. Admins can stay on top of privacy & moderation by changing room permissions at any time. Adjust your room’s notification settings so members never miss out on an impromptu video call or can welcome in new members when they join.

Connect with New and Old Friends 💡

As you step back onto campus, you’ll want to make new connections and foster existing ones. Host a game night with your new dormmates with our in-room party games. Have your new pledges introduce themselves in chat and have others respond with live reactions & emojis (and of course, GIFs). Take a break from school by laughing at your favorite memes & videos together with your friends.

Start the Year off Strong

Okay let’s get started. Once you download the app and create a room, invite your friends, dormmates, classmates, or whoever to start off your school year.

Need help? Check out our official Airtime Starter Kit. Have an upcoming event your club is hosting? We’d love to see it! Tag us on our socials at @airtime & @airtimeapp.