Airtime for Fantasy Sports Groups

This season, we’re here to help take your fantasy league to the next level 😎 It’s time to ditch the old group chat and invite your league to join you on Airtime. Airtime is 100% free and there are no time limits - ever.

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How Your Fantasy League Can Level Up this Season

On Airtime, your league can be together throughout the entire season to keep up with games, trades, and stats, all in one digital space, with meaningful participation from the entire league. Unlike traditional group chat apps, Airtime is rooted in real presence and authentic interaction. Our features are designed to support intimate connection, and to give groups a space where everyone feels equipped to participate.

Let’s go over some of the ways Fantasy groups are using Airtime to connect 👇

Host a Virtual Draft Party 🥳

The countdown to Draft Day has officially begun- use Airtime to run your draft, and have fun doing it. Share your screen and use live chat, audio, or video with your entire league to hash out your draft picks and review players’ stats in real time. Your Airtime room is the perfect Draft Day arena & all-in-one chat room to get your league started on the right foot.

Take Your Group Chat to the Next Level 📱

Whether you’re checking in on game days, watching clips, or proposing trades, it’s never been easier to bring your league together whenever you want. Heated debate in chat? Easily switch to live audio to hash it out in real time. On Airtime, your fantasy league can connect & engage on a whole new level.

Never Get Lost in the Chat Again 💬

Pinned messages and chat replies make keeping your league organized a breeze! Keep trade proposals, debates, and game-day chatting organized with chat replies, and highlight room-wide announcements with pinned comments.

GIFs, photos, videos, and links: media is the name of the game. You can save your favorite content by adding links, photos, or video clips to your room’s ‘Favorites’ so you’ll never lose them.

Stay in the Loop ✅

Your room, your rules. Adjust your room’s notification settings whenever you want so members never miss out. You can send @mentions and signals to get members into your room during big game moments, or whenever you want to let them know you’re there. With fully customizable notification settings, you decide how to run your league.  

Easily stay on top of your room’s visibility & privacy settings by adjusting your room permissions whenever you want. You can also assign roles like ‘Admin’ to allocate room management to trusted members or league commissioners.

Features for Your League

You decide how to run your league with customizable features built to enrich your group’s experience. Airtime makes it easy to stay in touch on and off season with video, audio, chat, and more - all in one place.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Ready to upgrade your fantasy group chat? Learn more about how fantasy leagues are using Airtime here, and don’t forget to download.

That’s all for this week’s newsletter - hope y'all enjoyed learning more about how your fantasy leagues can thrive on Airtime 🏈

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