Moving Your Group Chat to Airtime‍

So, you've finally decided your current messenger app isn't cutting it anymore; it’s time for you and your crew to find a new digital home. Airtime is a new way to group chat that allows you to easily connect with all your friends using audio, video, and text.

On Airtime, you can bring your group chat to life, and get connecting with your friends in no time. Here’s everything you need to know to make it easy for your group chat to settle into a brand new Airtime room. (Oh, and make sure to download Airtime if you haven’t already.)

Welcome to Your First Room!

When you download Airtime, your first room will be created automatically: say hello to your Welcome Room! Welcome rooms make it easy for you to spend less time setting up a room and more time connecting with your people.

Invite Your Group

Now for the good stuff: let’s get your friends into your room. If you turned on contact permissions during setup, your friends on Airtime will already be invited to your room. For friends not on Airtime yet, you can invite them to your room by sharing your link: tap ‘Share Room’ from your room, then you can copy and paste it into your (soon-to-be ex) group chat.

Make Yourself at Home

Once your friends start rolling into your new-and-improved group chat, you’re all set! Check out our blog post on all things room maintenance here, where you’ll find extra deets about how to customize your room so it really feels like home.

Now that you and your crew have a space where you can truly be together when you can’t be IRL. We can’t wait to see how your room transforms! Need some ideas? We got you covered with exciting ways to make your room feel unique and fun that you can learn about here.


Make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming contest where your room can win $500! Follow us on our socials @airtime & @airtimeapp to learn more.