Staying Safe in a Public Group Chat

Part of the magic of Airtime is the option to hit that ‘Public’ button and open your group chat up to the rest of the Airtime community. Public group chats can be a fun and exciting way to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you and your crew.

Our top priority is making sure our community members are fully equipped with the tools they need to maintain digital privacy and safety. Let’s get into the best ways to stay safe while in a public group chat on Airtime.

Don’t share personal info.

Once you switch your room to ‘Public’, members of the Airtime community can start rolling into your room. When you’re meeting new people online, it’s important to make sure you’re extra cautious about your personal information and safety. Never give out personal information such as your phone number, location, or any other private details to people you don’t know.

Although social media can be a fun and exciting way to bring people together, some people can use it for the wrong reasons. If someone’s asking for your personal information, that might be a red flag that you should report, block, or remove them from your room.

Protect the people around you.

Just because you’re sharing your life doesn’t mean your friends and family want their lives shared too. If you live with other people, make sure to let them know if you’re live on video (especially if your room is public). Be aware of unknowing strangers in your vicinity if you’re streaming live outside. Just like you’d never share your own address, telephone number, or other personal information, be sure to be just as diligent about other people’s privacy.

Know your options.

If you’re an admin or founder of a public room, you have access to safety & moderation features to keep your room safe for you and the other members. You can adjust the room permissions at any time to prevent unwanted behavior from people you might not know.

You can enable Stage Requests that require new users to get approved by you or another admin before they can participate via voice or video. Similarly, your room has fully customizable permissions so you can keep your group chat functioning just how you like it. Control who can use voice and video, post in the chat, Signal the room, and who can edit settings. Adjust your room permissions at any time in your room’s settings.  

Even if you’re just a member of a public room (and not an admin or creator), you can still help keep the Airtime community safe by reporting users or content that might be unsafe, as well as blocking users that are sending unwanted communication.

We can’t wait for you and your friends to take advantage of all that Airtime has to offer, including the features that will keep you and your room safe. Once you’ve created your first room, you can check out our Safety Center for more tips on staying safe in a public space.