Use Airtime to Survive Finals Week

Finals week is one of the most stressful times for students. Tests, projects, papers, and trying to squeeze in time to see friends can put mental strain on even straight-A students. Whether it's holding each other accountable or collaborating on study guides, no one can get through finals alone. Here are three ways to survive exams using Airtime. 

Co-work on a study guide

It’s way more fun (and efficient) to work on study materials together. Airtime enables screen sharing, so you can be on video chat and work on a study guide all at the same time. Just create a google doc, share it with your friends or classmates, and screenshare to work in real time, over voice, video, or text. When you’re ready to end the call, Airtime saves your chat history so you can keep coming back to any notes you take. It’s a great place to move your existing study group or start one if you haven’t already.  

Silent study together 

One of the best ways to hold yourself and your friends accountable for studying is to study together. It limits distractions and is a great way to stay focused. Instead of fighting for a seat in the library, hop on airtime video, play some low-fi beats, and do your work together. Even if you’re studying for different classes, it’s a proven method to help with procrastination. 

Stream lectures together

Need a refresh on some of your lectures? If your prof posts recordings, you can share these files directly in your Airtime room and watch them together. You can talk through concepts together, take notes in the chat, and make sure that you and your study group all are on the same page. You can also stream Youtube, Khan Academy videos, or any other video file.

Even though it feels like everything is on fire, it’s important to remember that we’re only one exam period away from the winter break. Airtime is here to help you and your friends get through this time together. Remember to support each other and may the finals force be with you!