Tips, Tricks, & All Things New


🚪 Expanding Room Settings: new permissions option for who can enter rooms! Choose from Open, Invite-Only, and now Social

🥳 My Rooms : New Pending invites carousel viewable on “My Rooms” tab

💻 Screenshare: You can now screen share from web to iOS/Android

General App Updates:

🎉 More instrumentation

🐛 Several bug fixes & improved usability

💡 UI enhancements

If you haven’t downloaded Airtime yet you can do it 😎 here 😎


Here are some best practices for promoting your room on Airtime:

Optimize your graphics! On graphics for stories and in-feed posts you should make sure the time, timezone, and date of the event you’re promoting are clear

⭐  Take your videos to the next level! If you’re doing a self-recorded video promoting your event, having event info like topic, any potential guests, and where to find the link helpful so our audience knows what actions to take to join your community!

⭐  Timing is everything! We’ve found the most success when posting a day in advance out an event in your room and then posting again when the event has started.

⭐  Don’t be spammy! Posting about your Airtime events too often will have your followers questioning if they still want to follow you. Keep your posts about events spread out if you can.

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