Your Airtime Starter Kit

Group Chats for Blue and Green Bubble Friends Alike

So what is Airtime anyways? 🤔

Simply put, we’re a new way to group-chat. Airtime is a new way to experience group chat using live chat, voice, video - all in one spot. It’s time to ditch your stale SMS chat for an upgraded group chat experience compatible with every device (no green bubbles here). Here are some of the features that will take your group chat to the next level:

  • Connect with your people: Our notifications, Discover page, and in-room experience are designed to connect you with your friends so you can have authentic interactions.
  • Communicate with your group via a blend of live chat, voice, & video.
  • Experience together with screen share, in-room games,  and all kinds of media sharing.
  • Organize your room, your way with fully customizable notification settings, room moderation, and privacy settings.

Sounds awesome, right? ✨ Click here to download

Starting on Airtime in a Meaningful Way

If you’re looking to create the perfect invite-only space for your inner circle – we got you. Down to expand? Great! If you’re looking to meet new people in your room, open rooms will be your jam. Open rooms are discoverable & joinable by all Airtime users. Not into that? We have social rooms where people you know can join but others will need an invite – think of it as the red rope at a VIP party where you and your friends are the bouncer. Learn more about how to create a room and room types here.

Get Your Friends in the Mix.

Once you create a room, getting your friends in there is the most important part. As they say, two is better than one. Here are some ways to easily invite your friends to make your party-of-one into an exciting space for all your besties:

💌 Direct invites. The first step in building a room is getting others in it with you! Hit up your friends, family, favorite coworkers, people you share memes with, and even folks from that one group chat you joined for school but haven’t touched since. Rooms are only fun if your people are there with you. Learn step-by-step here.

🕺💃 Social. Have one friend groups spread across platforms?The magic of Airtime starts to begin when you bring all your IRL and internet friends together in one place! Share a link to your Airtime room on social and BAM, your friends will filter in. Learn how to share links to your socials here.

Bringing Your Room to Life

A good room can really feel like it's coming into its own when you notice your people hopping in spontaneously and having fun together. Maybe it’s a heated debate in the chat, or the whole group live on video, the options are ENDLESS! Here are some of our favorite ways to have fun with your people:

💌 Share Videos, Memes, Music, & More. We’re in the golden age of memes and media. Take advantage of it. Sharing media via the room’s chat supports present conversation and allows your room to feel connected, even asynchronously. Use chat & live emoji reactions to bring some life to your group chat, even if you’re just texting!

🎲 Host a Game Night. Check out Airtime’s built-in party games for a guaranteed good time. Learn about our in-room games here.

📱 Start a Group Video Call. Get all your friends and family into your room to catch up, play games, share media, and truly connect. Your friends miss you!

📺 Have Watch-Parties.  With access to YouTube, Twitch, and your own camera roll, Airtime allows you to watch content with your group - watch an old favorite or watch something brand new for the first time together.

We’re excited to assist you in your Airtime progress and make your group chat fun! As you bring in your favorite people and add your own twist, your room will feel like your digital home and become the place where you can truly connect and have fun with others. To meet other folks in the Airtime community and stay up to date with the latest features & updates, join The Spot - the official Airtime staff room! Plus, you can always refer to our help center for support on getting started.

We can’t wait for your room to thrive 👋 Click here to get your journey started and download Airtime

See ya next week!