Running Your Airtime Room

In this post we'll give you the official rundown on:

  • How to create a dope room
  • What the #$@!% is a Welcome Room?!
  • Building a room with your bffs
  • The scoop on some unique room features to get you started on your journey to creating the coolest room on all of Airtime 😎

Before we dive in, make sure you’ve downloaded Airtime and have made an account - ✨click here to start

3rd week already!! I'm not crying, you're crying 🥺

Creating Your Room, Your Way

Airtime is a place that makes it easier for you and your friends to share more of what you love. Whether it’s a room for just your closest friends, that Bachelorette you’re planning, your D&D gang or your church pals, there are plenty of ways to customize your room … and we make it easy! No more spending hours setting things up for your community just to have a conversation! 😉

Look we get it – starting something new can be INTIMIDATING AF. If your first question is, “If I build it, will they come?” – you’re not alone. No one wants to be alone in a room full of awesomeness. That’s why we created this quick and simple guide below to make the process as easy as possible. Check it out now! ⬇️

What the #$@!% is a Welcome Room?

When you sign up for Airtime, a special Welcome Room will be created for you. If you chose to follow anyone while you were creating your account, those people will automatically be added to your Welcome Room.

Additionally, if you chose to sync your contacts while you were creating your account, your contacts will be able to see and enter your room from the Discover tab.

🎉 Think of your Welcome Room like a small party we’re throwing just for you! If you follow anyone or add your contacts, we’ll be able to invite them to your party because we know you’re friends! If you don’t let us know who your friends are, you’ll still have a party thrown, but it’ll be much more intimate. Kind of like a party of one! 🎉

You’ll be considered the “creator” of your Welcome Room. Anyone that’s a member of your Welcome Room will be able to invite other people.

When you leave your Welcome Room for the first time, you’ll be asked whether or not you’d like to Save or Delete your room for future use. If you choose to save it, take a moment to customize your room.

Your Welcome Room if you don't add contacts or follow anyone!

How can I get my friends to build a room with me?

In Airtime rooms, there is a hierarchy of roles to ensure that everyone in the room has a great experience. The order goes Room Founder, Admin, Host, Member, Non-member (or Guest). Room Founders can assign Admins to their rooms to manage membership, room settings, and moderation settings. Hosts are the ones that will be interacting and engaging with Members in the room, and they have more permissions than members.

Here is the TL;DR on room roles:

Room Founder: The person who founded and created the room. This person can add and remove admins from the room.

Admins: Admins run the show behind the scenes in your rooms, ensuring that everything operates safely and smoothly. To do so, they have access to more features than hosts and regular room members. Admins can change room settings, permissions, and assign roles below them.

Room Admin vibes

Hosts: Hosts are members who you grant access to the stage. If they’re already a member of the room, they’ll automatically be added as a host, otherwise, they’ll have to accept your host invitation.

Room Host's just happy to be here

Oh the Places You’ll Go – in your room!

See, it’s not hard to create a fun space for you and your friends. Now that you have a place that feels like whatever you are into – it’s time to hang out in it! Here are some things you can do to get the party started.

  • GAMES?!🎮 : Games are here on Airtime! We’ll give you the full rundown on games in next week’s newsletter so stay tuned!
  • Screenshare 👀 : Watch party? Stalking socials? Show and tell? Bring it to your room. With screen share from web, you can bring all your favorite online activities to your Airtime room.
  • Media Picker 🎥 : Not sure what to watch? We got you. Use the in-room media picker to browse featured & trending YouTube content, editorialized weekly by yours truly. Present the content to your room for a fun icebreaker or watch party.
  • Stage and Chat Reactions 🔥: Keep your room fun and lively by encouraging reactions in room. With stage reactions, users can shoot emojis onto the screen while they’re present. With chat reactions, users can respond to messages in the room with emojis.
  • Room Doorbells 🔔: Turn on Smart Doorbells in your room and your room members will only be notified by room activity from users they follow.

Well, that’s it for us this week folks! Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter on all thing GAMES! Did we mention we’re excited about GAMES?! SERIOUSLY, GAMES ARE HERE!

See ya on Airtime - 😎

Us playing Airtime games for the next 72 straight hours.

Us playing Airtime games for the next 72 straight hours.